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When facebook answer!

When Pet longevity junkie and content creator Rodney Habib got an invitation from Facebook to take the stage at Facebook Headquarters in Los Angeles, he paused. We’ve all seen that email that claims to be too good to be true. He sent it to a friend, who confirmed it was real! Rodney said “never in a million years could you have convinced me I’d be invited to be a speaker at Facebook!”

A Facebook Communities Summit event was hosted in February, 2019. These summits connect and celebrate inspirational community leaders from around the world. All of the most engaged, passionate, creative energy in the Facebook world… and they wanted Rodney to speak at the main event! No pressure.

With millions of followers, Rodney definitely knows a thing or two about getting people engaged in a movement – growing a community organically, one story at a time. What started as his passion for the best health for his dogs is now changing the lives of pets all around the world. He rocked that stage with images of his three best friends, dogs Reggie, Sam and Shubie lit up behind him, cheering him on.

No sooner did he get home, Facebook came calling again. They love dogs! Facebook headquarters in New York needed to hear him too! So, Rodney headed back down to meet some more folks and spread the message.

How does Rodney do it? He tells a really good story. Whether it’s dousing himself in “flea” powder to talk about chemicals in flea & tick control, or spray-painting kibble the way companies do to look like “vegetables”, Rodney educates pet parents with a few laughs and great visuals. As a consumer, the pet health industry can be overwhelming to understand and navigate. Rodney has found a way to share what he’s learned, walk you through the scariest parts and help you be the very best pet parent you can be.

- update from Nikki


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