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x = independently organized TED event

TED  MexicoCity


This event occurred on

April 21, 2018
7:00am - 8:00pm CDT
(UTC -5hrs)

México City

Rodney Habib TEDX MEXICO.jpg

The "Forever Dog"

How To Build The Oldest Dog In The World

Digital storyteller Rodney Habib's dog, Sam, was diagnosed with cancer which sent him on a mission to save her life. Rodney Habib has spent the last few years travelling the globe gathering the most up-to-date information on canine cancer. 


During his talk at TEDxMexicoCitySalon, Rodney shared the secret formula to build the "forever dog". .

Why Don't Dogs Live Forever?

Are we doing enough for our pets? Rodney Habib is a voice for dogs around the world. After one of his dogs, Sammie, was diagnosed with Cancer, Rodney went on a journey to discover why? What he learned along the way will surprise you and leave you with an idea that will change the way you look at your animals.

x = independently organized TED event

TED  NSCCWaterfront


Rodney Habib

This event occurred on

May 26, 2016

1:00pm - 5:00pm ADT

(UTC -3hrs)

Nova Scotia, Canada

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