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Rodney Walks the Red Carpet at Tribeca Film Festival📸📸🎥🎥

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Tribeca Film Festival, where the greatest storytellers go to tell their stories. Held in New York City every year, it showcases films from around the world. Did you see Martin Scorsese on the red carpet this year? Well perhaps Mr. Scorsese ran into our very own Rodney Habib!

The Dog Doc Tribeca — with Marty Goldstein and Cindy Meehl at Tribeca Film Festival.
On the Red Carpert @ Tribeca Film Festival for The Dog Doc — Rodney with Marty Goldstein and Cindy Meehl at Tribeca Film Festival.

Rodney attended the world premiere of The Dog Doc, a documentary about the culture shift in veterinary medicine, in which he was featured.  

The Dog Doc was directed by American filmmaker Cindy Meehl. It follows veterinarian Dr. Marty Goldstein and team on their mission to save the lives of pets. Dr. Goldstein has been practicing integrative medicine for over 45 years, and is considered by many to be foremost in the industry. When pet parents receive the worst of health diagnosis for their animals, they go to Dr. Goldstein for hope. Over the course of three years, Cindy Meehl followed this journey. When her 6 year old dog was dying, and she was told to go to Dr. Goldstein, the dog had been on antibiotics & steroids most of their life. Once treated by the vet and his team, the animal came off of the medication and her energy returned to that of a puppy. These results were happening with other dogs at the clinic… and the idea was born.

What if conventional veterinary medicine also incorporated proactive medicine? What if the focus were the intentional health of the dog so that illness and disease could not present themselves, rather than react to the issues by focusing on the problem? Incorporate the best of non-toxic and standard medicine.

This film embodies the movement that Rodney and Planet Paws is part of and he is humbled to have been part of the cast. The path to a longer, happier life for our pets on the big screen – one step closer to telling the world the good news that change is possible.

Follow @The Dog Doc for more news including when you can see the film!


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